Curse of the new age:

One billion is fucking too much
To make it some kind of a sick joke
Starvation, death, misery for one out of six
Food rotting in dumpstersí worth billions

Curse of the new age
New fucking age

More loans, vain support
Bigger percentages, tremendous debt
New local kinglet with his army
Got his guns, but the war is lost

Curse of the new age
New fucking wage


Endless Threat:

Look at the sea for the last time, only to say goodbye
Of course you remember it clear and pure
Yes, it was, just seconds ago
But nowÖ

But now the bloom is over, shushed away
Viscous and gloomy horror spreading all the way
Can you hear the silence of a dying seal?
Scream of a whale, covered with pernicious oil

Endless Threat

Oh yes, humans shouting not far away
Theyíre also choking with the same shit,
Shit, which theyíve created
Everybodyís equal - dying for the same reason
Greedy and murderous peopleís whim

Endless Threat

So why do we obey, listen to lies from the begining?
I forgot, we are all in the same game, same fucking gear
And there will be no end for this harshness
For this unfair trade, where both sides loose

Endless Threat

Animals lying dead, people living screwed
And they are taking all that weíve created
Giving back only boredom and hate
Can you hear - the earth still chokes and begs for mercy

Endless Threat

Look around - you created this
But now itís up to us to face the reality
Confront and rebuild what was already destroyed
Together for our brighter tomorrow

Time is right
Time is right
Time is right


Everything for nothing (profit):

Everything for profit, nothing for the people
Working double time for crappy cents
Stench of sweat and despair
Fills the claustrophobic torture cage
These are the real slaves of the new age
Of progress, governmentsí morbid plans

Everything for nothing
Slaves of profit

Who does all the work and who gets paid?
Millions controlled and abused by a few
Authority means shit to me
Hiding from the people behind police and army
But this canít last forever
Sound of breaking glass is the beginning
Of this sick system collapse

Everything for nothing
Slaves of profit


Mistaken for too long:

Annihilated nations, everything in chaos control
Now itís like it should be
Itís a game the of a few

Imposing matches between mighty minorities
Just like in a fiction story
But itís real - you are a part of this killing machine
Here one word equals thousands of beings

Too many times leaders failed

No, this is not paranoia
Itís the bright ray of tomorrow morning
Fucking game played for too long
Time to resist has come

Too many people died in agony
During your warfare

Donít believe these fake archons
Armed, powerful and nameless
They wonít stop till everything collapses
Then disastrous mushroom commands

Too many childrenís were abused
During your warfare

Passively accepting this like a natural process
Thatís what they really want from us
To obey and sit in homicidal silence
While children are dying in the battlefields

Too many women have been raped
During your warfare

Destruction of everything what exists
With a calm push of the red button
Mission accomplished, Sir
No more earth, no more enemies left

Too many times weíve been fucked


Not enough:

Sound of dropping bombs
Interrupt the peaceful silence
People hiding, but why
Thereís not a least hope of survival

Not enough
Not enough
They wonít stop

Masters upon a hill
Decide whoís going to win
This is their grotesque game of chess
Just wait for your agonized death

Not enough
Not enough
They wonít stop

Future, nature crisis, sorrow of the people
Do they care?
Or this is another slick tale
Peace with machineguns, war on terror
Is this really the right way?
Or this is our course to fate

Not enough
Not enough
They wonít stop


Free choice:

Government fills their emptiness with lies
No relief till death prowls by
They are lords of starvation and death
Their schemes guide to total ruin
Canít believe?
Just think what the most important thing is
Economy, state, dogmatic shit
But what about needy people humble livings
No statistic slavery for economic glory
Working fifty years for this?
For the statesí mutation into a fascistic Frankenstein?

1984 or another world war
Nuclear ice age or global overflow
Thatís real free choice

Multinational corporations fill their emptiness with lies
Control twenty-four hours a day
People turned into faceless engines
Here is a thought free zone
Profit-land glitters like rebellion used to do
The ungovernable force has risen from ashes
At last?
But this time people are left behind
Multinational corps are above the law
Thatís what real, unstoppable force is
Profitable uncontrolled martial engine

1984 or another world war
Nuclear ice age or global overflow
Thatís real free chose